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Art of

Our tequila is

• Single Estate

• Small Batch

• 100% Blue Weber Agave

Arta is Colorado-owned, produced in Mexico in batches of 2600 bottles per year.
Our Story

About our Tequila

Our Family

We are a 3rd generation family owned and operated distillery, sourcing 100% Blue Weber Agave from our 11th generation-owned fields.

Our Tequila

ARTA Tequila celebrates family, culture and being together. We are Colorado owned, dedicated to community and producing a beautifully refined tequila in which everyone can be proud to indulge and share.

We utilize the finest agave and talent. We know every Jimador and Agavero that partners with our 3rd generation Master Distiller, Angel. They are part of our family and we welcome you all to be part of it as well.


Triple-distilled, 100% Blue Weber Agave

We use land preservation farming methods, proprietary yeast and our own private water source on our family-owned estate. From birth to bottle, Arta pushes the limits of distillation and aging to an art form, creating a truly unique line of tequilas.




Cases per year

The triangle is one of the strongest shapes in nature.

Our triangle logo signifies the strength of Mexico’s pyramids, the history and tradition of our craft, and the endurance of family.