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Arta Reposado

While others settle for the two-month aging standards for a reposado, we went ahead and pushed ours to 11 months. The result? A golden wheat hue which presents aromatic notes of sweet almond butter and vanilla followed by a white pepper flower finish. Smooth drinking to pair with ham, salami and cold appetizers.


Primary aromas of ripe pear fruit type and seed type sweet almond butter and intense light vanilla, light spice and white pepper flowers retro taste.

Flavor Profile

Sweet pumpkin, cooked, pleasant bitterness and light olive or olive silky texture.



1.5 oz ARTA Reposado Tequila

.75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

.5 oz Orange Curacao/Triple Sec

.5 oz Simple Syrup

1 dash Angostura Bitters

Shake, strain neat into a rimmed (mix of cinnamon and sugar) glass, lemon twist

Tequila Espresso Martini

1.5 oz ARTA Blanco or Reposado
1 oz Espresso
.75 oz coffee liqueur
2 dashes salt walter
Hard shake, strain neat, glass of your choosing, garnish with coffee bean

Other Expressions